CCS & Unconventionals

New challenges, new ideas

TRACS has positioned itself to extend its subsurface experience to support unconventional resources and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) of CO2 into depleted gas reservoirs and saline aquifers. Key to this is the availability of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team spanning reservoir and wells.

Through a fully integrated approach, TRACS can address the major challenges of CCS such as reservoir and overburden behaviour during and after injection, increased scrutiny on monitoring and verification of storage, and the regulatory framework of an industry in its infancy. TRACS has a strong CCS team and can provide guidance to clients in all these aspects to achieve an environmentally safe solution.

Our track record in unconventional resources includes:

  • HP/HT reservoirs: understanding reservoir and overburden behaviour under extreme pressure/temperature conditions and associated well requirements

  • tight gas reservoirs: evaluating past and future performance in the presence of natural or induced fractures

  • basement reservoirs: assessing the resource and deliverability potential in truly ancient reservoirs

  • shale gas experience supporting opportunity screening and resource assessment

  • forensic investigations into to specific well and reservoir issues