The TRACS training portfolio now stands at 50 courses, with more than 180 events run annually by a team of more than 40 tutors. Cross-disciplinary programmes are often run by two tutors with complementary technical expertise. Some courses are run in a workshop style for groups of up to 100.

Using TRACS Training library as a starting point, the content of the courses together with their timing and location is specified in discussion with the training specialists from the client company. Courses can also be arranged for multiple clients if required.

Our ethos is therefore to dedicate our efforts to the design of a tailored product. We believe the success of a course is ultimately determined not only by good delivery but also by appropriate targeting to the audience.

We can achieve this because, unlike many other training providers, most of the course material is developed and owned by us. Moreover, many of the staff and associates that make up the tutor group are colleagues and have built up experience as a tutor group, developing a shared style and making TRACS Training courses distinctive.

To ensure our material stays up-to-date, our tutors are also practising E&P consultants in their own right, and the tutor group includes technical authors and industry-recognised Distinguished Lecturers.