Field Development Studies

Providing support for field development decisions

Integrated Field Development Studies represent the core services of Reservoir Consultancy in the UK. TRACS addresses clients’ objectives for field development planning in an integrated manner selecting the most appropriate teams and tools for the study.

We focus on addressing project risk and uncertainty. This generally involves creating a range of discrete deterministic subsurface models to address the key subsurface uncertainties for testing a range of possible development options. We specialise in development planning and concept screening including economic analysis of field and hub development options. TRACS provides support over the entire Life of Field:

  • Field appraisal

  • Concept Selection

  • Production optimisation

  • Infill opportunities

  • Late life redevelopment

  • Abandonment

TRACS has delivered reservoir studies in the majority of the hydrocarbon provinces of the world, covering a comprehensive range of reservoir types, structural styles and depositional environments.