Bespoke support from wellbore to reservoir scale

TRACS provides tailored geomechanical support from the wellbore scale to the reservoir scale via bespoke processes, experienced personnel and the use of specialised software. Our approach is shown in the workflow below.

geomechanics image.png

Detailed examples of the types of studies we work on are given below:

  • Wellbore stability analysis including depleted reservoirs

  • Hydraulic or acid fracture designs

  • Geomechanical analysis of CCS projects in saline aquifers or depleted gas fields

  • Full field coupled geomechanical modelling during production or injection

  • In-situ stress influence on fracture permeability

TRACS uses industry standard software such as DrillWorks and Petrel Geomechanics underpinned by proprietary workflows and analytical solutions. We aim to tailor our deliverables to specific client requirements. As such, we will use the relevant expertise and software from many disciplines to define the geomechanical parameters, build models of the relevant processes and deliver the right results.