TRACS Consultancy is a leading UK based oil and gas consultancy specialising in integrated subsurface development studies, reserves audits and due diligence for over 25 years. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide innovative solutions, covering all aspects of the E&P lifecycle across the major hydrocarbon basins. We deliver high quality services to oil companies, investors and financial institutions worldwide.

Activities include:

Our teams consists of technical and commercial specialists with extensive experience in subsurface analysis and commercial evaluations. These teams can be supplemented by drilling engineers and facilities engineers to provide a broader discipline range. We have worked in all major petroleum provinces across a range of conventional and unconventional reservoirs and have a successful track record in commercial evaluations to support mergers, acquisitions and divestment activities.

Our team’s core strength is its holistic approach to each project and its ability to combine subsurface knowledge with risk management experience to bring greater depth and value to our clients’ projects. Novel approaches, creative solutions and customised methodologies give our clients innovative solutions where traditional ones falter.

Reservoir Consultancy Project Areas Around the Globe: